Rice Idly is nutrient-dense and chemical-free .

Rice idly is a popular south Indian breakfast dish known for lightness, fluffiness and delightful taste. idly rice and black gram lentil are soaked overnight. A smooth batter is made and steamed to get a smooth and delicious rice idly.

Rice Idle

Soft and spongy south indian suji idli

Rava Idly is a popular south Indian breakfast dish. Tasty, delicious and healthy. Rava idly is made with suji. Batter is made by mixing rava and yogurt. Mixture is allowed to rest for a short duration. Then seasoned with mustard seeds, curry leaves and urad dal. And then steamed to get a soft, fluffy and tasty rava idli.

Rava Idli

Revolution of traditional idly.

Thatte Idly is a popular breakfast dish in Karnataka. Thatte idly is made of idly rice, urad dal and poha. All the ingredients are socked and grinded to fine batter. Batter is fermented overnight. Batter is placed on placed and steamed to get a tasty thatte Idly.



Tatte Idli

“Deliciously Nutritious. Flavored and healthy.

Moog dal idly is a delicious and nutritious South Indian dish made by split green gram and rice.  split green gram and rice are flattened and soaked separately. spilt green gram and rice are grinded to get a nice batter. Batter is placed on idly plates and steamed to get a nice Moog dal idly.

Moong Dal Idli

Ragi idly is a delicious, delightful and
nutritious breakfast dish.

Healthy Ragi idlis are made by finger millet flour. Finger millet has nutrients like calcium, iron, and fiber. The process of making ragi idles involves fermenting the  finger millet batter along with black gram and idly rice, resulting in a batter that rises to create light and airy idles. 

Ragi Idli

Delectable, delicious and Delightful vegetable idly.

Vegetable idles are a delightful twist to the traditional idly recipe, incorporating nutritious veggies into the mix. You can finely chop or grate vegetables like carrots, peas, bell peppers, or even spinach and mix them into the idly batter before steaming. This not only adds color but also boosts the nutritional value of the idles, making them a healthier option. Serve these fluffy, colorful idlis with chutney or sambar for a delicious and wholesome meal.


Vegetable Idli