Traditional South Indian dish made by fermenting rice and lentil battered and steamed to make this delicious breakfast.

Belove South Indian dish made by fermented rice and lentil batter. Batter spread on hot tawa and stuffed with masala potato.

Delightful Indian Breakfast made by kneading wheat flour cut into round shape and oil fried.

Medu vada is made by soaking urad dal over night, made thick batter which shaped and oil fried.

Upma made by cooking semolina, vegetables, spices and cashew.

Traditional South Indian breakfast made with rice and lentil cooked

Traditional South Indian breakfast made with rice and lentil. Cooked with and ghee and spices.

Tea Leaves are added to boiling water later milk and sweetener are added. 

Coffee Beans are powder and flited in hot water. Milk and sweetener added. 

Types of coffee across the world.

Filter coffee is a traditional and ritual beloved beverage in South India. Fine quality coffee beans are grinded into powder. coffee powder is kept in upper filter box and streaming hot water in poured into. coffee powder and hot water is processed and a thick black coffee is collected in the lower box. Milk and sweetener are added to get aromatic and tasty filter coffee. 

Cappuccino drink is a combination of expresso, steamed milk and foam. Expresso is made by using coffee machine and added to the bottom of cup. steam the milk with steamer attachment to make a thick foam on the top. Milk and foam are poured in the cup.




 Americano coffee is made by combining espresso with hot water. creating a drink that’s both strong and smooth. Expresso is made by brewing coffee powder. Expresso is poured to the bottom of cup and start diluting with hot water. Strong drink is made pouring little hot water and light drink by pouring more hot water.

Mocha is a delightful blend of coffee and chocolate. To freshly brewed coffee milk, cocoa powder and hot water are added and brewed to make a tasty mocha.

Strong coffee is brewed. while coffee is hot add milk and sweetener. All are completely dissolved and kept in fridge. Fill the glass with ice cubes add coffee and milk for cream. Stir well. Add chocolate syrup.

Bakery and Beverages.

In 19th century Iranian settled in Bombay. They introduced a simple snack Bun Maska.