Authentic All verities of Andhra, Udupi, Tamil & Kerala Tiffin made in hygienic environment. Yummy taste freshly cooked and served streaming hot.

South Indian food is a vibrant and diverse cuisine that offers a wide range of flavors, textures, and dishes. Whether you’re a fan of spicy curries, crisp dosas, or sweet desserts, South Indian cuisine has something to tantalize every palate.

Tasty south Indian, North Indian food varieties with attractive combos cooked by master chef's using organic ingredients in hygienic environment.

Multicuisine restaurant with  diverse flavors, aromas, and cultures come together on a single menu.

Rice:- Organic white rice cooked with purified water in hygienic condition.

Fish fry:- Fish fried in turmeric, onion, ginger garlic paste and chili powder, salt, coconut powder is added.

Mutton curry:- Mutton marinated and cooked with essential ingredients.

Vegetable curry:- Beans and carat to make a tasty vegetable curry.

Momo’s:- Momo’s are stuffed with vegetables and steamed.

Naan:- Naans are made with white flour kneaded well to make good dough and fried in oven.

Salad:- Salad is made with cucumber and carrot.   

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The House Of Dosas.

Masala Dosa:- Dosas are made by fermented batter of ground black lentils  and rice and stuffed with potato curry.

Egg Dosa:- Fermented batter of ground lentils and rice topped with egg.

Set Dosa:- Batter made fermenting rice urad dal, fenugreek and broken rice.

Pesarattu:- Batter is made fermenting green gram. fried on pan with oil.

Rava Dosa:- crispy, netted and thin crepes made with semolina.

Neer Dosa:- Rice soaked for few hours, grounded to make batter

Verities of idles widely available across south India. Rich in fibre added with plenty of health benefits.

Rice Idly:- Rice and urad dal fermented overnight and grinded to make a nice batter. batter in steamed to get a health idly.

Rava Idly:- Roasted Semolina is mixed with curd, spices and herbs to make a nice batter. Steamed in hygienic way.

Thette Idly:- Popular breakfast of Karnataka. Thette which means plate. rice idly batter is steamed in a plate.

Moong dal Idly:- Green gram lentil soaked and grinded added curd and spices added. Batter steamed.

Vegetable Idly:- Vegetables sliced and roasted added to batter and steamed.

Ragi Idly:- Finger millet and urad dal fermented and steamed to get tasty and healthy ragi idly.

Tea Junction. Variety of teas for your wellness.

Home Made Tea:- Tea leaves added in boiling water and milk and sweetener are added.

Green Tea:- Green tea leaves are boiled in water to get a healthy green tea.

Lemon Tea:- Lemon juice is added to black or green tea leaves to get a healthy lemon tea.

Ginger Tea:- Grated Ginger is added to boiling water and black tea and milk are added.

Assam tea:- Originated from Assam with robust flaour, rich aroma great taste.

Kashmiri Tea:- Kashmiri chai, khawa or Noon chai is originated from Kashmir. Saffron in colour made by black tea leaves and spices.

Indian Street Food made in hygienic conditions with original aromas and flavours.

Ragada Patties:- Dish made with smashed potato patties and peas.

Samosa Chaat:- Shaped wheat dove stuffed with potato masala and heat in hot oil to make samosa. And then added peas and spices to make chaat.

Bhel Puri:- Made with puffed rice, vegetables and tamarind sauce.

Vada Pav:- Deep fried potato dumpling placed inside bread bun/pav.

Pav Bhaji:- Pav Bhaji is a spiced mixture of mashed vegetables in thick gravy served with bread.

Dahi Puri:- Dahi puri is made by stuffing crispy puffed puris with boiled potatos and topping it with sweet, sour  spicy chutneys, onion and beaten curd.

Authentic, Healthy and Tasty Andhra Meals.

Rice:- Raw Rice is boiled in water to get rice meal.

Poori:- Wheat flour dough is made in required shape and deep fried in oil.

Curd Raita:- Diluted curd combined with vegetables, herbs and spices.

Chana Masala:- Chana Masala made of chickpeas, onions, tomatos and spices.

Dal:- Dried lentils are boiled and required spice are added.

Sambar:- Pigeon Peas is boiled with tamarind broth and spices.

Rasam:- South Indian soup like dish made by adding vegetables and spices to tamarind juice.

Lady Finger Fry:- Lady Finger is stir fried with spices.

Boiled Cauliflower:- Cauliflower is cut into florets and stir fried in boiling water.

Muttor Masala:- Peas cooked in masala sauce.

Papad:- Papad is a thin crispy wafer made by chickpeas, rice or potato flour.

Curd:- Curd made of milk usually means ending meal.